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Jon Roskill

Corporate Vice President
When speaking to corporate partners whose investment adds up to billions of dollars, the stakes are high. Victoria has been my ace in the hole. I have worked with her on a number of critical presentations, some with audiences as large as 17,000. She is direct, insightful, committed, fun to work with and results oriented. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Karen van Bergen

Her insights provided a critical edge in winning large client contracts. She is a joy.

Bernard Parisot

We brought Victoria in to help us prepare for a presentation for a $400 million contract, so the stakes were really high. She helped each one of us, leaving no one behind. We won the contract and with her help, the next one, too. The impact of her teaching extends way beyond the stage.

Chris Carr

Executive Vice President, US Retail
It has personally been transformational. When I think about having a playbook that will enable me to continue to analyze myself, to identify my gaps and to continue to grow and develop, I don’t think I could have spent another day and a half in a more productive way.

Kate Hutchison

Chief Marketing Officer
I can't recommend Victoria highly enough. She has helped transform those she's worked with to be more confident, more powerful and more impactful in their communications. Whatever you are thinking of paying her, I guarantee it's worth its value ten-fold.

Hill Ferguson

Chief Product Officer
Not only did Victoria energize and inspire our PayPal team, but her techniques from the performing arts helped us perform at the highest levels and unlock hidden genius in our top talent.

Marty Scirratt

Senior Vice President Sales
I received dollars of wisdom for every penny spent on my presentation coaching with Victoria Labalme. She helped me not just ‘speak’ but really communicate and find my style that was individual to me, vs. a one-size fits all canned approach. What I say now is much more succinct, there's a clear thread weaving through my content, and people can follow me in a way they couldn't before.

Kirsten Hanson

Senior Director, Org & Talent Development
Rock The Room® has impacted me in profound ways – hard to put into words. I learned the Throughline is critical to giving a meaningful speech, and it’s essential to living a meaningful, thoughtful life. The workshop was inspiring and moving -- an amazingly transformational experience that I know will be with me always.

Mark Miller

VP of Training and Development
Victoria Labalme is a true master when it comes to performance and presentation skills. Her insights are outstanding and her ability to help me connect with audiences has been incredible. I wish I'd met her decades ago. If you're a communicator and you want to get better, Victoria is the answer!

John O’Melia

Senior Vice President
Victoria's insights had a profound impact on how I approach my work. I was so impressed with Victoria and her teachings that I engaged her to work with all of my leadership team and key individuals throughout my organization. It's been a fantastic two days. I would thoroughly recommend it to everybody, certainly people in the corporate space.

Stephen S. Pappaterra

Senior Vice President & Director
Remarkable! I was completely impressed with how well you listened to what really mattered to me, without mouthing the kinds of clichés and trite aphorisms that abound in the speaking and coaching industry. Your insights, enthusiasm, and encouragement were more than worth the time and cost.

Dawn Trautman

SVP, IT and Strategic Planning
Victoria Labalme is a true master when it comes to performance and presentation skills. Her insights are outstanding and her ability to help me connect with audiences has been incredible. I wish I'd met her decades ago. If you're a communicator and you want to get better, Victoria is the answer!

Darren Smith

Senior Vice President, National Sales Manager
Far exceeded my expectations!! You have not only helped me become a much better stage presenter, but you have also helped me become a much better absolutely priceless benefit. Your background & perspective are unique and extremely applicable. The work with you will continue to pay dividends for years to come.

Tom Chelew

Vice President
A huge hit with our sales and management team. The training sessions you did on “turning presentations into performances” well exceeded our expectations. The comments and feedback from our folks were overwhelmingly positive and we have seen an immediate impact on sales activity and new business since our meeting. Thanks again!!

Chris Puco

Eastern Area Sales Manager
Amazing!! Victoria coached my presentation beyond success! She clearly placed me ahead of the pack, especially in the eyes of the audience. The session with her was fun, engaging and informative, and the techniques she taught me were brilliant.

Vera Quinn

Chief Operating Officer
2 days after attending Victoria's Rock The Room® event, our team had a big presentation. We used the strategies we learned. As a direct result, we landed an over $80 million deal. Our company is buzzing with energy; the engagement among our team members is at a whole new level.

Nancy Duarte

Victoria Labalme is a fantastic presentation coach. She's our go-to person to put in front of executives and transform them. We've met many coaches in the field and Victoria stands out in a class of her own.

Phil Slominski

Regional Director 
Victoria`s coaching took my presentation to another level. She encouraged me to broaden my vision outside the box – and not just my presentation, but the feel, theme, and purpose of the whole day event. She gave me tactical ideas related to structure, content & delivery and the courage to stretch. The return on investment far exceeded expectations!

Dan Beck

Vice President
What I realized immediately was this is a completely different experience. It was immersive. It was artistic. I now think about bringing an experience to my audience whether it's my team, internal audiences, or external audiences. I'm more willing to be creative and I'm excited to do it. I'd certainly recommend this session.

Anne-Marie Pratt

Former CEO, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Partner & CEO of Entrepreneur Division, IMPAQ Corporation
Gone are the days of endless writing and hours on PowerPoint that lead me to ramble, stumble over words, lose my points, and ultimately lose my audience. Now my audience gets The Real Annie, who gets to the point, makes a big impact, and connects in a way that is both human and incredibly effective.

Greg R. Brown

I've done several other classes on presentation courses that were designed to serve specific marketing needs. Victoria’s approach is a whole new level of skills for the executive presenter. Her techniques and tools advance the exercise from creating a presentation to creating an experience that has the potential to change the world.

Deborah Marquardt

Senior Vice President, L'Oreal
Victoria has an incredible talent for honing in on the heart of what her clients are trying to say. The result is the ability to present with tremendous confidence and profound sincerity. After working with her to craft the most well-received presentation of my career, I can't imagine flying solo again.

Trish Lum

VP Operations
Victoria showed me how to transform my content into authentic and memorable stories that I could deliver with confidence and flair. If you have an important message, or just want to find your authentic voice and become a speaker that people remember, Victoria will take you on an entertaining and enlightening journey you will never forget.

Lalo Burgos

 Vice President
I am inspired, humbled and grateful. Getting to know Victoria and the workshop has changed my life. I do things I would have never thought possible; I can truly see the impact of every presentation. Love it!

Jack Perry

Senior Vice President
Victoria exceeded my expectations. As a direct result of her coaching: I am confident with my movements on the platform, my stories and metaphors come alive, my points “land” with my audience and I now use the power of the pause. My investment in her professional coaching pays dividends every day.

Ford Saeks

Victoria can solve in 10 minutes what takes other executive coaches to solve in 10 days. From improving stage presence to leadership style she’s helped create an amazing impact in our organization. A must for any senior executive looking to make rapid and dramatic improvements.

Jerry Acuff

My leadership team and I had a stunning learning experience with you. You made it personal for each of us. The concepts you taught us, as well as the methodology you shared for making "amazing" presentations were incredible and will make each of us better presenters without a doubt. Thanks for an A++ session.

Dr. Tammy Wong

Victoria's unique ability to take an individual and help them focus and then share their leadership vision, tap into their natural gifts, and craft their material into the best it can be is extraordinary. Her impact on how I grew -- as a speaker, as a communicator and as a leader -- was transformational.

Barbara Fagan-Smith

Founder and CEO
Victoria's coaching, both individual and in the group, is absolutely worth the time and investment. I came in a competent presenter, but now I'm on a whole new level! Outstanding.

Danny Cahill

President & Managing Partner
A humbling experience...a wake up call. Victoria brings out the best in you. I got valuable insights to find, develop and present material. You can't help but come away a better speaker; Victoria gives you all the tools. But if you don't watch out, you'll come away wanting to be a better person as well.

Mike Conlon

Vice President
Coming in, I didn't really understand if this was going to be well worth my two days. But leaving, I'm absolutely pumped. I have a new perspective on how to build a presentation and what the structure, strategy and storyboard need to look like.

Lisa Beattie Frelinghuysen

Chief of Staff
I didn't realize how thought-provoking the workshop would be -- about myself, my passions, my interests as well as pushing me to think outside the box of how I might present ideas, concepts, strategies. I feel very fired up to try a bunch of these techniques. It was just so much fun!

Jill Angelo

I felt a big shift in my presentation style after the training. As a result, I won the Women’s Founders Network Pitch competition (beat out 200+ companies) and earned $30,000 for my venture. I felt like a confident leader with a message that others cared about.

Uris Dacosta

Vice President, Global Design
To sum it up, the Rock The Room® is about finding your voice. Victoria makes people see the voice that every individual has; she inspires you to bring it out; she teaches you the skills to deliver. If there’s kind of one word that really ties the experience together, it’s transformative. Truly inspiring.

Nicole Rhind

Assistant Vice President
A life-changing experience for me, a truly defining moment. It was like freeing myself from this chamber and coming through to a large audience with what I really wanted to communicate. I was able to speak from the heart and from my personality. The experience was second to none. I owe Victoria a million thanks.

Ramon J. Peypoch

Vice President, Products
I took more out of this training than any I have attended in the past 2 decades. My personal takeaways and lessons learned were off the charts and it was by far the best professional development class I have attended in my career. Thank you for inspiring me to share my authentic self.


Tap on each image to see the testimonial.

Sally Hogshead

New York Times bestselling author
Victoria is an alchemist. She transforms unpolished thoughts into golden message that can change the world.

Stu McLaren

Founder, The Membership Experience
Victoria showed me how to truly WOW an audience, and it's a repeatable process. My prep time is a fraction of what it used to be; I won 4 consulting clients, totaling $60,000 in revenue; and a speaking competition with a $25,000 check.

JJ Virgin

Celebrity Nutritionist, NY Times Best Selling Author
Just 10 days after working with Victoria I spoke to my largest audience yet - I did everything Victoria taught me and got a standing ovation. If you speak in a group, on a conference call, or even to one person and want to do so with more impact, you owe it to yourself, your future and everyone you serve, to work with Victoria.

Jeff Walker

#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author of “Launch”
Victoria Labalme is an absolute genius at helping you present yourself — whether it’s on stage, in video, in meetings or day-to day interactions. She is dedicated to helping you create greatness, and her coaching rocked my world and helped me elevate my performance on stage.

Kris Carr

New York Times bestselling author, speaker and wellness leader
If you want to give a show-stopping speech that informs, inspires and takes people on an unforgettable journey, Victoria Labalme is your coach. She is a creative tour-de-force who knows how to craft messages that matter and exactly what it takes to shine. Wth her guidance, you will be brilliant.

Ryan Levesque

#1 National Best-Selling Author of the books Choose & Ask, Founder, ASK Method®
Victoria Labalme transformed me from a forgettable, boring, and average speaker into a speaker who is highly-requested, and now forced to turn down $50,000+ speaking fees. She gave me not only the tools and techniques, but more importantly the confidence and permission to break out of my shell on stage and truly Rock The Room.

Steve Pressfield

Bestselling author, The War of Art
Victoria is a concept maker. She works in ideas. Big ideas. I have learned more from her, just from watching her work, than from almost anybody I know­.

Joe Polish

Founder, Genius Network®
Victoria taught me an organizational system that will cut my prep time in half-- worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in the course of my career. If you want to make MORE IMPACT on videos, in conferences, in team meetings, I highly recommend you become a part of Victoria’s process. She's AWESOME!

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

Host, PBS Special, NY Times Best-Selling Author
Investing in Victoria is simply smart business. From strategy to storytelling, messaging to marketing, positioning to production, Victoria’s insights completely upgraded my PBS special. She goes way beyond presentations skills and is a true master of guiding you to greatness.

Kathy Pike

Program Director, Columbia University
Victoria's the real deal. It's not just about techniques with Victoria it's about really connecting presentation skills with what really matters.

Joe Calloway

Best Selling Author, Becoming A Category of One
Victoria is to the speaking profession what Cirque du Soleil is to the circus. As a speaking coach, she is the best in the business.

Vince Poscente

Olympian, NY Times Best Seller, The Age of Speed
Victoria Labalme is a master storyteller and performance coach. I use what I learned from her every single time I speak. Victoria puts the letters ROI in “communication strategies.” Whatever she charges, pay it! She is the Communications Goddess.

Barry Moltz

Best Selling Author of Bounce! and BAM!
Talk about ROI!!! After working with Victoria through her private coaching sessions, I was able to get a 10:1 return when a client booked me for a series of multiple gigs as a result of one speech she coached me on. On top of this, the work I have done with her has inspired me to take my career to the next level.

Patricia Ryan Madson

Professor Emerita, Stanford University, Bestselling Author Improv Wisdom
When the Coach needs a Coach. What did I do when the coach needed a coach? I engaged the best in the business, Victoria Labalme. In a single hour she nailed what I needed to do to rock the house. She makes delivering a keynote speech an exciting and pleasurable event.

Peggy McColl

Bestselling Author, Your Destiny Switch
The investment I made with Victoria has been returned multiplied. She helped me organize my material into a logical and dynamic format, and worked with me to deliver it with style and pizzazz. Working with her has given me a sense of peace and confidence, knowing I'm fully prepared to stand up and deliver a memorable performance.

Alex Prud’homme

co-author with Julia Child, My Life in France, New York Times Best Seller
On the eve of a national book tour, I had the good fortune to consult Victoria gave me a set of visual, verbal and mental strategies that immediately sharpened my presentations. She is an inspirational performance coach, and I highly recommend her.

James Pooley

Former Deputy Director General, World Intellectual Property Organization
I recovered the cost of the program with the increased impact of my next few presentations! Rock the Room helped me break out and become the one speaker they remember — and I’m having more fun too!

Mike Rayburn

Guitar Virtuoso, Carnegie Hall Performer
Victoria Labalme’s coaching took everything about my presentation to a higher level and some things over the top. Rather than fit me into a preconceived mold, Victoria was able to coach me from the perspective of who I am and bring out what is best about me and develop my uniqueness.

Blake Fly

Author, 7 time TEDx Speaker
Victoria single-handedly gave me the confidence and the chops on stage to triple my fee, stand out in the crowded speaker space and take calculated risks on stage that get me at least 3 referral gigs every time I walk off stage. INSPIRING and DEEP. This ain’t no ‘How to give a speech’ training. This is a life changer.

Jackie Huba

Best Selling Author
Victoria is a master at helping to reshape and reframe content to make it more accessible. As a result of her coaching, I'm having more fun, I feel like the real me is out there, and event organizers and audience members are saying my presentation was the best of the whole event. I'm getting more inbound requests. Victoria helps find your true talents and bring them to life on the stage.

Nicolas Boillot

CEO, HB Agency
This has completely changed how I’m going to speak and I am so deeply grateful. I have so many ideas about sales presentations, about management meetings, about company meetings and so many better ways to both formulate my thoughts and get my key points across. Within a few hours it had already paid for itself.

Alexandra Levit

Author, Speaker & Consultant
After participating in Victoria's workshop, I gave a high profile closing keynote at the annual leadership conference. Usually, people are in and out of the room and fidgety, but no one moved. The organizer said she never saw such a creative presentation..several attendees commented that it was the best talk of the day.

Dr. Tami Meraglia

Victoria has brought so much knowledge and structure to my future presentations that I’m thrilled to be able to have a plan for how to make it successful. But even more importantly, the authenticity, safety and level of depth that she was able to go made it a life changing experience, too.

Jeff Hays

CEO, Jeff Hays Films
This has completely changed how I’m going to speak and I am so deeply grateful. I have so many ideas about sales presentations, about management meetings, about company meetings and so many better ways to both formulate my thoughts and get my key points across. Within a few hours it had already paid for itself.

Deb Connors

President, Health Work & Wellness™ Conference
You were the “WOW” in their conference! You were truly outstanding and made it a great, uplifting experience for everyone! Thanks for an excellent performance, and thanks again for a great speaker-coaching series!

Kenneth W. Christian

PhD, Best Selling Author, Overcoming Underachievement
Victoria Labalme is in a class of her own. Her consummate effectiveness, begins with her ability to accurately dial in to you and “get” your needs.To this she adds her own, independent professional appraisal of untapped, inherent strengths and possibilities. Her level of commitment, encouragement, and energy is striking and stems from some other inner source.

Dr. Bill Lindsley

 Professor and Dean, Vanderbilt University
Victoria's unique talent is in bringing out the very best from with you, through voice, movement, choreography, and humor. She is a true genius at making your communications come alive and reach your audience. I delivered my keynote 2x last week and what a difference! My own enjoyment was so much greater, and the audience’s response was much, much stronger. Her contribution has been both immediate and phenomenal!

Bill Ester

 Bill Ester Enterprises
Victoria is an absolute genius when it comes to platform skills. She turned my so-so presentation into an unforgettable performance. When I gave that next presentation, I was absolutely blown away by the audience reaction! When I came off of the platform, I felt as if I had just won the gold medal. And I had.

Dick Cross

CEO, The Cross Partnership, Ltd. Author of Just Run It
I'd grown comfortable over 20 years speaking to large business groups. As an 8-time turnaround CEO, little did I expect Victoria's work to open an obsession with an entirely new body of knowledge and self-improvement. The confidence and tools she "gifted to me" are now generating requests for significant paid engagements with large audiences. It's a mistake to consider time with Victoria an expense. Rather, it's a very high return yourself.

Dr. Joseph Michelli

Best Selling Author, The Starbucks Experience
I am honored to have worked with you. Our short time together had a huge impact. Since your coaching, I explore new opportunities to use movement, character, and voice to enhance my presentation. You are such a gifted professional. Thanks for the rich difference you have made in my life.

Carl Goodman

Director, Museum of the Moving Image
I've learned so much in just a day and a half. I’ve never done anything like this before and it took a lot to engage myself in the beginning... but I’m leaving very comfortable, a lot more accomplished and I can’t imagine that anyone can do this better than Victoria.

Sarah Michel

Convention Chair, National Speakers Association
The best money I have ever spent in this business .Victoria's story coaching skills are amazing! She will literally take you to a level you didn’t know you could achieve. She is genuine, sincere and creates a very safe and fun environment that allows you to truly be yourself.

Bill Karlson

President, Bill Karlson & Associates
An incredible return on my investment! Within one hour, Victoria took my standard keynote opening story and expanded it to a completely new level of impact. I took what she had taught me into a keynote program an hour after our session and got an incredible audience response beyond anything I'd ever achieved before in my fifteen years of professional speaking.

Ian Percy

President, The Percy Corporation
Far and away the best speaker coach on the planet. I've been speaking professionally for over 30 years, am in the Canadian and U.S. Speaker Halls of Fame and I learn something new that elevates my game every time I'm in one of Victoria's sessions.

Dan Seidman

Sales, Autopsy, Inc.
Tthe best workshop I've attended in 20 years. Your teaching, methods and advice are beyond anything I expected. You were funny, engaging, and insightful. Audiences are actually laughing as I begin sharing the stories, rather than just at the punch line. It's more fun for them, much more fun for me and my scores have jumped immediately.

JoAnn Dahlkoetter

Ph.D, Stanford University Performance Consultant
Hiring Victoria Labalme as my presentation coach was the most valuable thing I've done in several years. In one hour, she brought me from being a novice to performing very difficult dramatic, athletic moves so that I could draw the audience in to show and tell a very powerful lesson with my story.

Alan Parisse

Member, Speaker Hall of Fame, The Parisse Group, Inc
Victoria is one of those rare individuals who both has a skill and can teach it that skill to others. Watching Victoria present made me realize how much there is to learn about movement in front of an audience. Working with her as my coach for just a few hours, set me off on a new area of personal growth as a speaker.

Eloise Owens

Sales Motivation Expert, The Momentum Company
Great professional speakers are the great storytellers of our day. Victoria pours her heart into helping you pull out your best story and bring it to life! I left so much more aware of the “little things” that add up to “BIG things” in the storytelling process!

Chris Palmer

Founder & Director, Center for Environmental Filmmaking School of Communication, American University
A brilliant performer, a hilarious stand-up, an inspiring teacher, and a deep thoughtful observer of what it takes to communicate effectively. Victoria has a profound understanding of the best ways to bring stories to life so they have a transforming effect on an audience.

Tim Richardson

Victoria has an uncanny ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. In just a few minutes working with her, I was overwhelmed with her great insights. She can help take marginal parts of a speech and make them great. Her knowledge of physical comedy, movement, and mime are brilliant!

Linda Lewis-Daly

Managing Director,  Lewis-Daly & Associates: Workplace Wellness Solutions
Invaluable. Her tips have helped take my workshops to an entirely higher level of impact. Victoria walks her own talk and her coaching sessions are fun, practical and inspiring. Don't miss the opportunity to work with Victoria - it is well worth the investment!

Brad Montgomery

Member, Speaker Hall of Fame
If you’re looking for a coach to bring a fresh look to your program, and if you think — as I do — that it makes sense to find somebody who not only thinks but LIVES outside the box... look closely at Victoria!

Laura Stack

Best Selling Author of Leave the Office Earlier and Find More Time
Victoria is incredible at helping people "see" the story in their minds. Her training incorporates mime techniques into a bit so it looks REAL to the audience. As a coach, she is funny and warm. She always made me feel very comfortable and let me know I could do it.

Andrew Erlich

Ph.D, Psychologist, Author and Speaker
Your creativity, wit, dedication and masterful direction helped me bring my keynote to life for my audiences and moved me to a deeper level as a professional speaker. You made all the difference in the world. Before each presentation, I review the notes and they mean more the more I grow and improve.

Tammy Robertson

President, WorkHeart Consulting
Withyour audios, I felt such an energy rush of excitement and new permission to be fully me in my sessions. THANK YOU for the inspiration and nudge!

Caroline Kohles

Senior Director, JCC
Victoria not only saved my ass; she made me shine like a star.

Neha Sangwan

CEO & Founder, Intuitive Intelligence
I not only got practical tools to rearrange a talk I already have, I also got personal growth. Victoria is just so warm and engaging and brilliant. If I had to sum up my experience in three words it would be aligned, authentic and inspired.

Adrian Dayton

Founder, ClearView Social
I’ve been to a lot of different trainings on speaking & much of it is kind of minor league. Victoria is from the big leagues. I didn’t want to just be good. I wanted to be great. I feel like now I have the building blocks.

Mike Koenigs

#1 Bestselling Author & Serial Entrepreneur
It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, Victoria’s tools and resources will get you out of your head, into your heart and be able to give the best you possible with the least amount of effort and work. Victoria is incredible!

Brian Sean Reid

I pulled the curtains back on lots of gurus and I found an act. I came here I found an actress that behind the curtains was real . . . Victoria shows her flaws, she. brings you gifts and loves everybody here. Your Throughline, your nobility is being a true model, a true parent to all and I want to thank you.

Lucy L Brown, PhD

Neuroscientist, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
I was terrified to talk in front of a camera but needed to do it. I needed to feel natural, relaxed, and have my message ready. Victoria’s training for on- camera was invaluable and gave me confidence.
I have since done 37 videos and 15 talks.

May Busch

#1 Bestselling Author & Serial Entrepreneur
After using Rock The Room® system, making videos was just so much easier and more simplified. I felt so much more confident that I had my message nailed. We shot in 1-2 takes; I’m a lot less stressed; it cut my prep time in half. My exposure for my blog was around 600 views. After using the RTR system, my views have gone up to over 60,000. Rock The Room® is easy to remember, it’s easy to use, and it really works.

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo

Psychologist, Author, Better Than Perfect
Right after working with Victoria, I added 1,000+ opt-ins to my list and despite being in front of 3,000 and being super nervous during the dress rehearsal, I had a ton of fun during the actual speech. The strategies Victoria provided allowed me to speak from a place of true authenticity. I feel more confident and comfortable on stage, and the audience response has been incredible.

Waldo Waldman

Member, Speaker Hall of Fame, NY Times Bestselling Author
After investing in coaching and constantly working to improve my craft, I’m now a Hall of Fame Speaker, I do 80+ keynotes a year and I’ve built a 7 figure a year brand.
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